Kale and White Bean Pasta

kale pasta

I don’t think I ever ate kale when I was growing up, but I ADORE it now.  Raw in salad or smoothies, cooked with pasta or in soup, it’s great.  Lets not kid ourselves, though.  If given a choice between a plate of kale or a brownie, I’ll probably take […]

White Bean Pesto Pasta

Yesterday I pretty much had cooking block AND writer’s block all day long. Not good. It turned around with some Dry Soda, though. I hardly ever drink soda anymore, but when I saw RHUBARB (one of my favorite things) flavored soda at the store this weekend I immediately bought […]

Vegetable Pot Pie

Since yesterday was Pi Day, and I’m trying to keep things healthy around here, I decided a vegetable pot pie would be a festive way to celebrate without loading up on sugar. I bookmarked a healthy Chicken Pot Pie recipe on Eat Clean Live Green, but wasn’t overly excited […]

Hearty Cabbage Soup

I was mentally writing this blog post as I pureed this soup. I considered writing about how this is perfect for those chilly winter nights when it’s hard to warm up after shoveling snow all day, or how an icy breeze cuts through all the layers you pile on […]

White Bean Soup with Ham

This soup all started with the biggest white beans I’ve ever seen in my life. After doing some internet research, I don’t think they’re as big as the ones they eat in Greece, but they’re about an inch long before they’re cooked and, since I’d never seen dried beans […]

White Bean-Chicken Chili with Tomatillos

Our pantry is FULL.  We went on a few too many shopping trips to ethnic grocery stores so I am now fully stocked on a TON of spices, all kinds of dried grains and legumes, and noodles from several different international cuisines.   My challenge for this week is […]

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