Broccoli and Tempeh Stir Fry

Mike and I were talking about my blog the other day and quickly came to the realization that cupcakes bring big hits while things like this do not. However, cupcakes are not exactly what I need to be eating with a 50K race coming up in about 6 weeks. […]

Tempeh Salad Rolls

I’ve blogged about rolls a lot like these before, but it was back when ten people read my blog (and most of them were in my family). These are an updated vegan version, without the noodles inside because I think they’re a lot better (not to mention easier to […]

Jamaican Jerk Tempeh

I won’t even bother getting in a chicken vs tempeh debate with a meat eater. Tempeh can be tough to love, and I’ll admit it took me a few tries to appreciate it. But one place tempeh blows chicken (or any meat) out of the water is when you […]

Summer Soba

This morning almost felt like summer. It was sunny, it was warm, and I felt kind of miserable on my run because of it. I’m just not used to temperatures above about 65 when I head out in the mornings! Can’t complain though…we definitely get spoiled here. For about […]

Vegetarian Pot Stickers

I thought pot stickers were one of those things I’d never eat again when I stopped eating meat. Of course it’s possible to make them without meat but the few vegetarian pot stickers I tried before were definitely not worth eating. These, however, have a great mix of vegetables […]

Tempeh (or chicken) Tacos with Habanero Salsa Fresca

Sometimes I like making dinner so much I get to do it twice in one night. Or, more realistically, Mike is a whole lot more excited about chicken than he is about tempeh, so I end up figuring out how to make a recipe two ways. (Although he did […]

Guinness Beef (or Tempeh) Stew

Two years ago we spent the two weeks before Christmas in Ireland, and pretty much everyone we met there thought we were absolutely nuts for leaving beautiful California and going to Ireland for such a cold, rainy time of the year. But lucky for us, the weather was perfect, […]

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