Swiss Chard, Portobello, and Swiss Cheese Sandwiches


It’s FALL! Last week started with 100+ degree temperatures and ended in the 70s. ┬áRunning has been significantly more enjoyable, and the sky has been pretty, too. Ellie has a new obsession: refrigerator letters. ┬áI don’t even know how many hours she’s spent moving them from the freezer door […]

Rice and Kale Casserole

We had our week of summer and now it’s casserole weather! I have mixed feelings about casseroles. When they’re based on cream-of-whatever soup I definitely am not a fan. When they have rice and vegetables and just the right amount of cheese, though, I love them. It’s also perfect […]

Onion Soup

I love French onion soup. Not the way I love tomato soup (for the nostalgia) or vegetable soup (because it’s healthy). French onion soup is just on a whole other level. There’s just one problem: beef broth. The handful of recipes I’ve tried have all called for it, and […]

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