Swiss Chard, Portobello, and Swiss Cheese Sandwiches


It’s FALL! Last week started with 100+ degree temperatures and ended in the 70s.  Running has been significantly more enjoyable, and the sky has been pretty, too. Ellie has a new obsession: refrigerator letters.  I don’t even know how many hours she’s spent moving them from the freezer door […]

Pinto-stuffed Portobellos


Oh Friday, am I glad to see you. Bring on this three day weekend that includes dinner with a friend, lots of running, plenty of Ellie time, and a dessert potluck! I got some disappointing news on Wednesday morning and although I sort of knew it was coming, it still […]

Smoked Mozzarella, Cauliflower, and Portobello Frittata

Things that go well together: Eggs and cheese Trail running and M&Ms Fritos and chocolate pudding (trust me on this) Knitting with friends and chocolate chip cookies Rainy days and good books. I could go on… But really, I’m going to focus on eggs and cheese right now. This is […]

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