How to Have an Awesome Summer Vacation In and Around Portland

This was undoubtedly the best trip to Oregon I’ve ever had. ┬áIt really helps to have more than just a day or two, and to have a checklist of things we wanted to do so we didn’t end up going to the same three places we always go. If you […]

Turkish Stuffed Bell Peppers


We’re home from Portland and I miss it SO much already. It actually looked like Fall there! On Saturday we woke up early to run over to my old high school. I did a timed mile and was 11 seconds faster than my last one (two weeks ago) with a […]

A quick trip to Portland

I just got back from a few days in Portland with the fam. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll never live there again, I LOVE going back to visit. I had a ton of good food and went for some fantastic runs while I was there. All four members of the […]


Usually a few things happen when I visit my family in Portland. I get cold and complain about the gray, rainy weather. And then I drive everyone crazy talking about how much better the weather is in California. I eat a ton of great food. I spend far too much […]

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