Kale, Pinto and Mushroom Tacos with Guajillo Salsa


This three day weekend was awesome.  Except for the test I took on Saturday morning, the whole weekend was fun: coffee, walks around town, a great swim, and the ZOO!  We finally took Ellie to the Oakland zoo and she loved it.  Especially the petting area. The squirrel monkeys […]

Pinto-stuffed Portobellos


Oh Friday, am I glad to see you. Bring on this three day weekend that includes dinner with a friend, lots of running, plenty of Ellie time, and a dessert potluck! I got some disappointing news on Wednesday morning and although I sort of knew it was coming, it still […]

Mole Enchiladas with Kale and Squash


I hope you had a great Valentines Day! Mine was nice and low-key and perfect. Because I love my students, I bought them some treats. And ate waaaay too many of them myself. (That, on top of the cupcakes a couple of students brought meant I was completely over-sugared […]

3-Bean Slow Cooker Chili

I really don’t understand the obsession with slow cookers. Yeah, I use mine all the time to cook dried beans, but most main dish recipes either have way too much meat and processed food or just seem like they’d be really unappealing. Chili is basically my one exception, though. […]

Hoppin’ Rice and Beans

This weekend involved a couple awesome things.  We were back in San Luis Obispo, hanging out with Mike’s family and this ADORABLE dog, Roo: I used to say I hated small dogs but she is so cute and sweet that I might actually consider a small dog (if it could […]


I love enchiladas, but I think these might be even better. Completely unphotogenic, just like enchiladas, but more fun to say and possibly healthier (at least if you put spinach inside, like I did). There are ENDLESS variations… it would be really easy to make these either vegan or […]

Pinto and Red Lentil Loaf

It’s been over 6 months since I stopped eating meat and I can pretty much say I haven’t had a single craving for anything meaty except meat loaf. (It helps that Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo is amazing, I kind of got over bacon, and I’ve always liked veggie burgers […]

Kale and Pinto Enchiladas

For me enchiladas fall into that starchy-cheesy category of food that is so basic and comforting I can’t help but eat far too much of it. (Lasagne and its cousins manicotti and stuffed shells are definitely in that category as well). But these enchiladas are a little different. They’re […]

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