Kimchi Chigae

I still can’t really believe that with all the cooking I did in Korea, I never made my own kimchi. A few weeks ago I picked up a GIANT head of Napa cabbage (practically the size of my torso) at the farmer’s market and decided it was time to […]

Kimchi Fried Rice

A few years ago I bought a jar of kimchi and was seriously underwhelmed. I could not see how millions of people could possibly be so in love with spicy fermented cabbage. Was I missing something? I couldn’t even tell if it had gone bad or not, which is […]


We said goodbye to California and arrived at our new home in Seoul around midnight the next day. Because it was so dark, we didn’t realize we have this awesome view right our front door until the next morning. I had heard that apartments in Seoul were incredibly tiny, and […]

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