Sweet Potato and Kidney Bean Salad


Mike and I tend to get really into TV shows after they’ve been on for a couple years. ┬áRight now we are OBSESSED with parenthood and are working our way through the first season on Netflix. I feel ridiculously behind the times that I’m just now watching this, but […]

3-Bean Slow Cooker Chili

I really don’t understand the obsession with slow cookers. Yeah, I use mine all the time to cook dried beans, but most main dish recipes either have way too much meat and processed food or just seem like they’d be really unappealing. Chili is basically my one exception, though. […]

Stove-top “baked” beans

How could anyone read this post and not want to try them? (If you’d rather save yourself a click, it’s the Amateur Gourmet’s post on baked beans, which he says are “the best beans of your life”) I have some issues with beans, though. It took me a really […]

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