Mixed Vegetable and Farro Salad with Goat Cheese


The other night I spent almost three hours last night making some Ethiopian food. One of the perks of only working part-time in the summer is having a lot of time to cook! I made injera, collard greens, red lentils, and mushrooms. <– (none of the recipes are mine) […]

Cashew Curry

I am kind of in awe of how my blog’s following has grown over the past few months. For so long it seemed like nobody outside my immediate family and circle of friends read it, and even then it was only because I nagged them. But to all of […]

Loubiye (Lebanese String Bean and Lamb Stew)

This is a simple and comforting stew that is great over steamed rice, and really easy to make. ┬áIt makes quite a bit, so plan on feeding about 6 people, or having great leftovers. (Adapted from “Alice’s Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking” by Linda Dalal Sawaya) 1 1/2 lb green […]

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