Fig and Chevre Panini

Twitter is not good when you’re as easily swayed by peer pressure as I am. When I was contemplating signing up for Big Sur, there was this… But it’s also really helpful when I’m feeling indecisive. I wanted to bake bread, and there was this… Kelsey didn’t know it, […]

Blue Cheese, Fig, and Arugula Pizza

Friday night is Pizza Night, so Friday dinner is something I look forward to pretty much all week long. I’m giving this recipe to you on a Monday, though, just in case you eat pizza on a night other than Friday. I don’t think I tried a fresh fig […]

Whole wheat fig cookies

I was that weird kid that loved Fig Newtons. I’m not sure why, but figs have always been really appealing to me, even after I learned that they tend to have dead wasps inside (but don’t worry, commercially grown figs are pretty much wasp-free. I still suggest you google […]

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