Masala Chai Arroz con Leche

I was always under the impression that I hated rice pudding until I spent a month in Spain after I graduated from high school. My host mother was an incredibly sweet woman who was thrilled that I was interested in cooking. Even though she worked crazy hours as a […]

Apple Upside Down Cake

Humidity and I are not friends. Sure, I love visiting tropical places and can deal with humidity just fine on a short term basis, but this summer in Seoul has been pretty unpleasant, with all the heat and humidity of the tropics, but none of the beach and fruity […]

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Part of moving overseas means making sacrifices. You have to give up some things, and sometimes, it’s pretty painful. The whole three months we spent in Thailand, I never had a kitchen. That was a HUGE sacrifice, even though I could eat amazing food for pennies, it just wasn’t […]


When I think of Snickerdoodles, I tend to think of large, chewy sugar cookies with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar on top.  These are nothing like those, and I might even be tempted to change the name of these to “cinnamon doughnut cookies.”  These bite-sized delights are reminiscent of […]

Apple Pie with Cinnamon-Crunch Topping

We had a party for my neighbor, who is getting married next month.  I asked her what dessert she wanted, and she requested apple pie with a crunchy topping.  I used Dorie Greenspan’s apple pie recipe, then added some cinnamon-streusel topping.  It just cries out for a scoop of […]

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