I was first introduced to lamingtons when my family lived in Australia for a few months. I was 12 and had a raging sweet tooth, but ended up being pretty disappointed by them. Far too often, they were dry and bland; far less appealing than they looked, all covered […]

Vanilla-Mocha Marble Cake

I am doing cupcakes and cake for a wedding in a few months, and I have been using that as an excuse to try tons of new recipes. The last time I attempted a marble cake I stirred far too much and ended up with a light brown cake […]

Dark chocolate mocha cupcakes with coffee buttercream

I wasn’t going to bake for a few weeks. I made those Double Ginger Cookies a few days ago, ate way too many of them, and realized it would probably be best for that marathon I’m running (in 11 days. OMG.) if I didn’t go crazy with sugar for […]

Chocolate Caramel Slice

There are so many things I love about my current job. I’m teaching language arts in a Summer Advancement Academy designed to help kids from under-privileged backgrounds prepare for college. A lot of my students have been in this country less than a year, but they’re all extremely driven […]

Strawberry-Chocolate Icebox Cake

I’ve been buying massive quantities of fresh strawberries lately, but they usually don’t last long enough in the house to bake with. This week I bought a half flat, determined that some of them would actually make it into a dessert rather than just being consumed fresh by the […]

Snickery Squares

You know those people who, instead of asking a normal question like “How are you?” try to be edgy or hip or something and ask “What’s Good?” (Usually these people are male, in their early 20s, and haven’t washed their hair for a couple days. Just my experience). I […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy Bars

Yep, two desserts in a row. I baked a couple things for Mothers Day, but other than that I’ve been eating mostly just salads and random combinations of beans, grains, and vegetables that don’t seem creative enough to warrant a blog post. So you get dessert instead! My sister […]

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Some Mondays are just crap. I really try to be an optimist, embrace every day, live life to the fullest, and all that other Tony Robbins type stuff (and honestly, the only exposure I’ve had to Tony Robbins is thanks to a five year old son of two life […]

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cake

I love baking for people when I know what they like. For my dad and grandmother, it’s easy – just include chocolate and coffee. For my mom, I know she’ll go for just about anything but chocolate never hurts. For my five year old niece, whose birthday is still […]

Fudgy Heart Brownies (and Brownie Truffles)

Happy Valentines Day! Mike and I don’t go all out for the holiday, but we do like to try and surprise each other with something small. I made the Outrageous Brownies from Barefoot Contessa for him the first Valentine’s Day we were married, but last year we were traveling […]

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