Chocolate Snowball Cookies

Smart people tend to read recipes carefully, sometimes more than once. They definitely don’t mix up cooking time and cooling time, leading to hideously burn candied nuts. Ugh. Those were supposed to be a hostess gift for the Christmas party we went to this weekend, but nope, I burned […]

Peppermint Oreos


Wednesday night, we took Ellie on her first plane flight. I was afraid she’d scream the whole time, but she did great (I think Sophie the giraffe helped). She was alert and happy the whole time we were waiting at the airport, and then fell asleep as we were […]

The Best Chocolate Cake

I made this cake for my grandpa’s birthday. This is my grandpa, my mom’s dad. His birthday was October 22 or 23, depending on whether you choose to believe the state of Montana or his mother. He grew up on a farm in Montana, then ended up marrying my […]

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I know this is not a baby blog.  I can’t believe I’ve become one of those moms that takes far too many pictures of her child and is convinced that she’s the cutest baby that ever lived.  I really, truly thought I wouldn’t be that mom. But I am.  Oops. […]

Chocolate Malt Cookies

These are Thank You cookies. I made them for my parents to thank them for a bunch of stuff. For driving down from Portland to hang out with me until this stubborn baby gets here. For bringing a TON of baby stuff from my aunt and uncle (I should […]

Buttermilk Genoise Cupcakes with Chocolate Raspberry Ganache

This probably means my weekends are lame, but one of the highlights of this past one was finding big containers of fresh raspberries at the store (another was finishing a hat I was knitting for the baby… yes I’m 86 years old). As soon as I got them home […]

Brownie Cookies

I feel like my whole life revolves around count-downs right now. 9 days of work left. 3 months and 6 days until my baby is due. One month and 6 days until we need to be out of our apartment (and no, we don’t have another place lined up […]

Soft Chocolate Peanut Butter-Chip Cookies

I definitely didn’t realize how long it would take to recover from the Boston marathon, flying across the country, and going right back to work. I have been EXHAUSTED this week. But not too exhausted to make cookies. Mike’s coworker had a birthday, and I wanted to make cookies but […]

Turtle Brownies

Brownies + Pecans + Caramel = One pretty amazing dessert. And I usually HATE it when nuts come anywhere near my brownies, but if caramel is involved, it changes everything! I really hope the pregnancy talk isn’t getting old…skip ahead if it is. But we went to the doctor […]

Coffee Cardamom Brownies

If you like Turkish coffee and you like brownies, you will love these. If you like brownies but you’ve never had Turkish coffee, give them a try! Cardamom and coffee both complement chocolate extremely well. I’ve fallen completely in love with the Gourmet cookbook my sister gave me for […]

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