Masala Red Lentils with Chard


Our house is filled with Christmas cookies right now.  I could banish them and insist on eating only healthy stuff, but honestly, it’s a couple weeks of my life and I LOVE this time of year and all the sugary goodness that comes with it. Ellie has gotten it […]

Chard with Harissa, Hazelnuts, and Eggs


On Saturday, Ellie helped me dye some eggs. I was really excited to using natural colors from red cabbage, turmeric, and beets, but the result was VERY pale eggs, so we ended up using the fizzy tablets from a kit we bought two years ago but never used. After moving […]

Chard, Potato, and Taleggio Pizza


This weekend didn’t go as it was supposed to.  Saturday morning was supposed to be a long run with friends, but there’s been no running for me lately.   I have now taken 8 days off but my hip doesn’t feel much better.   Am I freaking out about […]

Rainbow Chard Pizza


I went back to Bikram yesterday for the first time in a week and WOW it was an awesome class. I have only been to four classes now, but I feel like I already feel so much more flexible than I was two weeks ago. I’m also making progress […]

Rainbow Chard Smoothie

What is better than spinach in your morning smoothie? (No, the correct answer is NOT “everything.”) RAINBOW CHARD. It’s beautiful, and it blends perfectly into a Green Monster! If you want to read all about the amazing phytonutrients it has to offer, you can do so here, or you […]

Arab Table Lentil and Chard Stew

Lentil. Chard. Stew. Three words that tend to induce reactions varying from mild disgust to gagging, and I threw them all together in the title of this recipe. But please give lentils and chard another chance, because this stuff is really, really good. I think the reason people hate […]

Red Lentils with Chard

I’ve made some pretty crucial discoveries over the past few months: 1. I am capable of living without a cell phone, microwave, and cable, all at the same time. 2. Memoirs are my literary addiction. I can’t stop reading them. 3. Life is a whole lot easier when you’re […]

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