Simple Soba Salad


This has been a completely exhausting weekend.  Moving across the bay area, unpacking and organizing while caring for a 10-month-old with a 104 degree fever, and temperatures in the high 90s (with no A/C at the moment) really took it out of me.  We made the necessary Target/Ikea/BB&B trips, […]

White Bean Pesto Pasta

Yesterday I pretty much had cooking block AND writer’s block all day long. Not good. It turned around with some Dry Soda, though. I hardly ever drink soda anymore, but when I saw RHUBARB (one of my favorite things) flavored soda at the store this weekend I immediately bought […]

Basil Parmesan Quinoa Cakes (and SF Green Festival)

So far I have only made one recipe from Heidi Swanson’s new cookbook, Super Natural Every Day, but it was FANTASTIC and I can’t wait to cook through the rest of the book! I made quinoa cakes this weekend, after a fun day at San Francisco’s Green Festival (which is […]

Balsamic roasted vegetable and couscous salad

This wasn’t supposed to be a couscous-based recipe, but when you’re on the phone with your sister and you’re groping around in the dark, far reaches of the cupboard where you keep your grains (in jars that are all the same size) you may just happen to mistake couscous […]

Perfect Summer Pizza

I think I was in about 4th grade when a new gourmet pizza place opened in our neighborhood. I was kind of shocked when our family looked over the menu. Potatoes on pizza? Pizza with olive oil and garlic instead of red sauce? What were they thinking? Fortunately my […]

Summer Spaghetti

Normally I can take or leave pasta, but for some reason, I usually make an exception for spaghetti. I wanted to make a more seasonally appropriate stand in for the usual spaghetti with marinara, and this is what I came up with. With absolutely BEAUTIFUL tomatoes and basil all […]

Summer Orzo Salad

Mike and I may not be ready for kids yet, but we just brought 3 precious living things into our home: a Thai chili plant, a basil plant, and a mint plant. These three fabulous additions live in terra cotta pots on a ledge in front of our living […]

Pasta with sweet tomato sauce and baked ricotta

Our Jamie Oliver cookbooks have been getting a lot of use lately, and with good reason. He’s got such a great approach to food, particularly pasta! I used to think I was tired of Italian food, but his recipes just keep proving me wrong. Sometimes he can be a […]

Ricotta Stuffed Tomatoes

As tempted as I was to eat all my homemade ricotta by the spoonful, I wanted to figure out a recipe that would really let it shine. I’ve made ricotta-stuffed tomatoes before, but this time I decided to make them a little heartier by mixing cooked millet and ricotta […]

Red Curry Shrimp

These are incredibly simple appetizers that look fancy, but don’t take much effort.  I used Thai Kitchen brand curry paste, and it made them really spicy, so if you don’t have a high tolerance for hot food, cut back on that a little bit! (My husband and I didn’t think […]

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