Smoked Mozzarella, Cauliflower, and Portobello Frittata

Things that go well together: Eggs and cheese Trail running and M&Ms Fritos and chocolate pudding (trust me on this) Knitting with friends and chocolate chip cookies Rainy days and good books. I could go on… But really, I’m going to focus on eggs and cheese right now. This is […]

Soba with Eggplant and Mango

soba eggplant

I had two fantastic runs this weekend.  First up: 10 miles on a beautiful path with Mike and Ellie. I woke up kind of dreading the run and I was in a pretty crabby mood, but about 3 miles in everything was good again. It was warm, my legs […]

Baked Eggplant with Couscous and Yogurt


I guess all jobs are like this to some extent, but teaching really seems to be one with big ups and downs. On Tuesday I felt like the a totally awesome teacher. The activity went well, the kids were into it, and they all really seemed to get the […]

Purple Potato and Goat Cheese Pizza


This was a really good weekend, and it started off with a really good pizza. My favorite thing about having 60+ food blogs in Google reader is that I can find inspiration for just about anything. And since I’m pretty much always in the market for new pizza ideas, […]

Tofu Noodle Soup with Dumplings


Ellie got her first cold last week, and of course we ended up getting it too. I hate seeing her sick, but she’s a trooper. I felt pretty crappy on Monday and Tuesday. My throat was killing me and I had basically zero energy. Sometimes I’ll try and run […]

Tortellini Salad


I definitely made the most of this three day weekend. In addition to penguins, grocery shopping, and paper-grading, I got to go for an awesome 14 mile run to celebrate Aron’s birthday. It was the longest run I’ve done since Boston, and it felt fantastic. I also did a […]

Fontina and Portabello Pizza


I can’t say what exactly made this week so stressful, but I was TOTALLY ready for a beer and Pizza Friday when it finally rolled around. Fortunately, this three day weekend is already going pretty well, so I’m sure by Tuesday I’ll be out of my funk. I just […]

Quinoa and Pistachio Stuffed Acorn Squash


Today, Ellie is four months old.   She’s only been in our lives a short time, but I can’t believe how much has changed.  Getting up at 5 AM is easier than I ever imagined it would be (she still hasn’t mastered sleeping through the night, so I’ve seen […]

Tortellini and Kale Soup


There are a million things to love about San Francisco, but this is one of my favorites: We’re members, and this weekend, we gave Ellie her first science museum experience. Our first stop was the living roof, which is covered with native plants and absorbs 98% of the water […]

Wheat Berry and Lentil Salad with Tahini Dressing


I think I have a good schedule worked out that will let me get in all the things I want to do. At least, it’s worked so far this week: 5 AM – wake up, make breakfast, write blog post 6 AM – shower, get ready 6:30 AM – […]

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