Tempeh and Vegetable Rice Bowls

There’s a reason (actually there are several reasons) why Joy the Baker wrote a cookbook and I didn’t. I decided to play around with her carrot cake recipe (changed the flour, cut back on the sugar a little bit, added extra fruit and carrots and nuts, etc) and it […]

Broccoli White Cheddar Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese

I ran TWO DAYS in a row! Without screaming in pain, without making my hip worse, and without going crazy and pushing myself way too hard. I was signed up for a trail race in Pacifica on Saturday morning, and all week I was pretty sure it wasn’t going […]

Quinoa, Tempeh, and Bean Sprout Bowls


Happy Pi Day!  The one day of the year a small part of me wishes I were a math teacher. Actually, I don’t think I ever want to be a math teacher, even today. Science and PE just sound a lot more fun. I wish I had pie for […]

Chard, Potato, and Taleggio Pizza


This weekend didn’t go as it was supposed to.  Saturday morning was supposed to be a long run with friends, but there’s been no running for me lately.   I have now taken 8 days off but my hip doesn’t feel much better.   Am I freaking out about […]

Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

black bean salad

Remember how I was going to be really smart as I was getting back into running shape? And I’d never increase my mileage or intensity too quickly and I wouldn’t get injured? Weeeelllll, I may have sort have overdone it just a little bit, and my right hip has […]

Curried Lentils with Potatoes


There are certain necessities in life. You need to go to coffee on the weekend. Preferably with a cute baby strapped to you. You need to bring that cute baby to meet someone awesome. Like Joy the Baker! The line may stretch down the block, but it’s worth the […]

Rice Noodle Salad with Grapefruit


I pretty much never go to the library while school’s in session. During the average week, I’d rather use my spare time for cooking, running, and hanging with Ellie. BUT there was no work and endless free time last week, so I walked down to the library with her […]

Kale, Farro, and Tempeh Salad


I will readily admit, I don’t come up with that many original recipes (It’s really something I should work on).  99% of the time I head into the kitchen with the laptop open to a blog, or a cookbook, or a page torn out of a magazine.  But last […]

Mole Enchiladas with Kale and Squash


I hope you had a great Valentines Day! Mine was nice and low-key and perfect. Because I love my students, I bought them some treats. And ate waaaay too many of them myself. (That, on top of the cupcakes a couple of students brought meant I was completely over-sugared […]

Cajun Tempeh with Grits


Yesterday our not-so-little baby turned 5 months old. <Insert every known cliche about how they grow up too fast> We celebrated with a four and a half mile family run, which was the first time Ellie rode in the BOB without the infant insert.  It was SO much easier […]

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