Zucchini Ribbon Salad with Rice and Beans


Recovery from Wildflower is going really well.  I ended up taking 3 complete rest days, and then somehow found myself committing to a marathon that’s 5 weeks away. My sister’s last race marathon was in San Francisco two years ago, and she wants to get revenge on the course […]

Kale, Pinto and Mushroom Tacos with Guajillo Salsa


This three day weekend was awesome.  Except for the test I took on Saturday morning, the whole weekend was fun: coffee, walks around town, a great swim, and the ZOO!  We finally took Ellie to the Oakland zoo and she loved it.  Especially the petting area. The squirrel monkeys […]

Lentil “meat”balls


When I decided to stop eating meat 2+ years ago, I thought I was making the best environmental choice.  I still think that beef is pretty much environmentally disastrous, but I was completely disheartened to read this article about one of my favorite foods (quinoa).  Long story short: a […]

Masala Red Lentils with Chard


Our house is filled with Christmas cookies right now.  I could banish them and insist on eating only healthy stuff, but honestly, it’s a couple weeks of my life and I LOVE this time of year and all the sugary goodness that comes with it. Ellie has gotten it […]

Seitan Pot Pie


On Sunday we ventured into the city with to stock up on tons of pantry stuff at the one and only Rainbow Grocery. If that store could open a branch in Walnut Creek, I would appreciate it immensely. (I realize that’s never going to happen). Since we were going […]

Barbecue Beans with Mushrooms


Although I miss my old students like crazy, I’m getting to know my new kids (it takes a little longer when you only see them every other day) and they are pretty awesome.  One of my sixth graders is an origami pro and made me a mouse. The temperature […]

Marinated Kale and Mushroom Salad


One year ago today, I woke up, made a batch of muffins, and headed in to Labor and Delivery to be induced. Today was slightly less exciting.  I woke up at 4:30, ran 8 miles, and headed in to work. I’ve posted a few raw kale salads before, but this […]

Chickpea and Pasta Salad


Life is about to get real.  I worked every day last week making copies, planning lessons, and prepping my room but now the school year and marathon training are starting and I’m going to have 240 students (and all their work) to keep track of. It’s a good thing I […]

Cornmeal Crepes with Black Beans and Zucchini


I’m not good at handling stress.  I fidget, I feel sick to my stomach, I make a million lists (which kind of stresses me out even more), I snap at Mike even when he’s being incredibly understanding and helpful.  Sometimes he just looks me in the eye, and tells […]

Quinoa Beet Burgers

beet burger1

Where I wish I were: Aaah, beautiful Oregon. Where I actually am: back at work. Kind of. Real life hits in ONE WEEK when the kids come back to school, and I’m spending lots of time trying to sort through all the stuff that was left in the classroom I […]

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