Masala Red Lentils with Chard


Our house is filled with Christmas cookies right now.  I could banish them and insist on eating only healthy stuff, but honestly, it’s a couple weeks of my life and I LOVE this time of year and all the sugary goodness that comes with it. Ellie has gotten it […]

Miso Sweet Potatoes with Tofu

sweet potatoes

I know it’s a little crazy but I actually have TWO recipes to share this week.  HOLD THE PRESSES.  I’m sharing the healthy one first because it seems like it’s been awhile since anything healthy has graced this blog. Other than the fact that I’ve actually been cooking things, […]

Red Lentil and Carrot Soup


Mike just turned 31, and the celebration lasted days.  Pizza one day, cake another, and on day 3, the Vitamix arrived. Ellie was almost as excited about it as he was. If I’d had this when I made this soup, I definitely would have pureed it, but since I […]

Marinated Kale and Mushroom Salad


One year ago today, I woke up, made a batch of muffins, and headed in to Labor and Delivery to be induced. Today was slightly less exciting.  I woke up at 4:30, ran 8 miles, and headed in to work. I’ve posted a few raw kale salads before, but this […]

Quinoa Beet Burgers

beet burger1

Where I wish I were: Aaah, beautiful Oregon. Where I actually am: back at work. Kind of. Real life hits in ONE WEEK when the kids come back to school, and I’m spending lots of time trying to sort through all the stuff that was left in the classroom I […]

Kale and Red Cabbage Salad


I feel like the “reset button” has been a popular topic on a lot of blogs. You know, that reset you need after too much beer or too much cake or too much sitting on the couch watching the Olympics but not actually doing any physical activity yourself? A […]

Napa Cabbage Slaw


The other day my friend and I were talking about time.  Having time, finding time, and making time.  I know none of this is new, but I think it’s a good reminder.  Basically the bottom line, no matter how OMGSOBUSY you are, is that if you really want to do […]

Simple Soba Salad


This has been a completely exhausting weekend.  Moving across the bay area, unpacking and organizing while caring for a 10-month-old with a 104 degree fever, and temperatures in the high 90s (with no A/C at the moment) really took it out of me.  We made the necessary Target/Ikea/BB&B trips, […]



I try to eat at least a couple servings of vegetables every day, and usually I have no problem doing that.  Saturday, however, I realized as I got into bed that the mushrooms in this soup were the only vegetable I had all day.  Oops. I guess that’s what […]

Udon with Peanut-Hoisin Sauce


I think I sometimes take for granted how great it is to have a happy, healthy kid. Ellie was a little bit sick a few days ago and it was pretty much the saddest thing ever. She only had a fever of 101 and it was very short-lived, but […]

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