flour + water (+ other SF aweseomeness)

About a year and a half ago, Mike and I were in Southern Laos. We happened to meet a guy from San Francisco, and over beers on a deck perched over the Mekong River, he made us a list of his favorite places in the city. At that point we’d […]

A new San Francisco Favorite!

Sometimes Mike and I talk about moving away from the Bay Area… somewhere cheaper and warmer. Then we have weeks like this and realize there’s a reason so many people live here or want to! On Tuesday, we saw Glasvegas — a band I’ve loved since Mike bought their record […]

Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

Mike and I have been debating whether I should separate recipe posts from life posts… I feel like since this is a cooking blog, I have to have a recipe pretty much every time I post. He says that sometimes I should just write about what I’m doing, and if […]

Oikos Superfruits Giveaway

Thanks for participating, everyone! Kamaile, that’s you… hope you enjoy all this great stuff! I think this might be the very first giveaway this blog has ever had! Obviously Greek yogurt and pomegranate are two hugely popular foods right now because they’re healthy, and more importantly because they’re GOOD. Oikos […]

Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

In most circles, Cinco de Mayo is mainly a drinking holiday. And I can’t drink right now. But there’s absolutely NO reason not to use it as an excuse to make some good Mexican food! Here are some ideas to help you celebrate: TACOS!! From left to right, Tempeh (or […]

A quick trip to Portland

I just got back from a few days in Portland with the fam. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll never live there again, I LOVE going back to visit. I had a ton of good food and went for some fantastic runs while I was there. All four members of the […]

Bulgur and White Bean Salad with Tarragon

Once again the weekend went by WAY too fast, but at least it was a good one and I don’t feel like I wasted a moment of it! Here’s a little re-cap (which I promise WILL tie in with this recipe). Saturday started VERY early at the National Science […]

St. Patricks Day Recipes

I don’t really go all out for St. Patricks day anymore… those college days of hitting the bars at 6 AM (or as soon as my final was over, since Cal Poly didn’t seem to care that their finals were interrupting a crucial drinking holiday) are LONG gone (and hopefully […]

Cheesy Tomato Penne Bake

I have been eating a lot of pasta lately. And a lot of crackers and cereal and toast. Honestly, I think I’ve eaten more carbs in the past three months than in all of 2010. But there’s a pretty good reason…I’m 13 and a half weeks pregnant! Mike and […]

Friday Favs

I don’t have anything for you here today… but if you head to Beantown Baker you can snag my recipe for an awesome vegetarian appetizer that I absolutely adore! Happy Friday! var linkwithin_site_id = 40770; (function () { var elem = document.createElement(‘script’); elem.type = ‘text/javascript'; elem.src = ‘http://www.linkwithin.com/widget.js?rand=’ + Math.random(); document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(elem);

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