Mezze for Mike

I meant to write this post yesterday, but somehow the day passed far too quickly and I feel like I accomplished almost nothing. I did manage to squeeze in a run (4.5 miles at 9:26 min/mile) even though I was completely exhausted and almost decided not to go. Fortunately, […]


I was NOT okay with the fact that people were already baking with pumpkin in early September. Now that it’s officially Fall, I’m happy to see pumpkin everywhere, but any time before that, it just feels wrong (except in pumpkin spice lattes, which I started drinking immediately as soon as […]

Baby Ellie is Here!

So, I’ve been pretty MIA from the blog the past few days. Weird how having a tiny human around that never sleeps for more than 2 hours at a time will do that… Sunday morning started like this: Still pregnant, and well-rested for the last time for who knows how […]

Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey

I follow hundreds of people on twitter, most of whom I’ve never met. The other day I saw this tweet: I don’t know her, and she doesn’t know me, but as the details later emerged, I couldn’t imagine the shock and pain Jennie was feeling after suddenly losing her husband […]

7 Links

I was tagged by Bobbi and Amy to do the 7 links thing that’s been floating around for awhile. It’s fun to try and pick a post for each category, although for some of them it was kind of a stretch… Most Beautiful: I’m not sure any of my posts […]

San Francisco Marathon Weekend

This weekend, my sister ran her fourth marathon! My parents came down from Portland to watch, and we definitely kept busy. On Friday we went to Lou’s Cafe for sandwiches, and I had an AMAZING vegetarian sandwich. Then we went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden, and my inner bio […]

Baby Shower!

We were back in San Luis Obispo for about 24 hours this weekend for our baby shower. I’m pretty sure we have the best friends and family in the entire world. There’s really nothing better than spending a beautiful afternoon eating great food and hanging out with people you […]

Ginger Cookie & Lemon Sherbet Sandwiches

I’m guest posting on the fabulous Novice Chef blog as part of her Foodie Block Party! Head over there for the recipe


… I’ve been eating SO MUCH FRUIT! … I’ve been craving (and baking) nostalgic desserts from my childhood, like this old fashioned chocolate cake. I called my mom and begged her to type up and email the recipe since I couldn’t find it online. Future blog post, perhaps? …we’ve made […]

Starbucks Winners!

We’ve been packing for the past few days and the boxes are taking over the living room. I am so glad we’re moving, but having a million boxes everywhere is not my favorite. Tomorrow we should be completely settled in the new house, and I cannot wait to get cooking […]

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