In Boxes

I’m talking about moving again. I know it’s getting old, but in two days we will be moved in, and this will be my kitchen. I will have a dishwasher for the first time in about 7 years!  We took a load of stuff over to the new place this […]

Bread and Butter (refrigerator) Pickles


The canning part of this pickle situation did not go very well.  Fortunately, I still have a couple jars of these lovely pickles in the fridge but they never sealed. I could try again with new lids, but I’m probably going to eat them all fast enough that I […]

Ready to Move

After weeks of stressing out (unnecesarily, it turns out), we now have a place to live AND a great daycare lined up in the East Bay.  Moving day is coming up fast, so I’ve been busy getting ready for that instead of doing anything interesting in the kitchen.  Lately it’s […]

Family Time

My family was here last week.  That means I got to run with my dad and sister.  I got to help my mom with the pop culture-related crossword clues.   I got to show them how excited Ellie gets at the aquarium… And how cool the rainforest exhibit is. The […]

Brown Sugar Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting


There’s no crazy like 8th-grade-with-7-days-of-school-left crazy.  These kids are wired.  I wish I could share their enthusiasm, but it’s hard to get excited about summer when it never gets above 65 degrees, and summer means thick fog all day and every day.  I’m soooo over it. Fortunately, I have […]

Same same

When we were traveling in SE Asia (ohhh, I miss those days SO MUCH), there were shirts everywhere that said”Same Same” on the front, and “But Different” on the back.  I never totally figured out what that meant, but a lot of the street vendors said “same same” when they […]

When Family Visits

My parents and sister are here right now, which means there hasn’t been much time for cooking and blogging.  There has, however, been time for a fantastic 20 mile run (my last long run before the Big Sur Marathon, which is in 12 days!) I ran 5 miles with Mike, […]

2011 Favorites

I already shared ten healthy recipes I made this year, but those weren’t the most popular posts. For the last day of 2011, I’ve got the 5 most popular posts, plus my 5 favorite recipes from the year: Most Popular: 1. Chevre and Apricot Phyllo Purses I made these for […]

2011 Healthy Recipe Round Up


Last year I included 10 of my favorite healthy recipes with my Christmas recap, and this year I’m doing it again. First, Christmas and Boxing Day! I finished Ellie’s stocking with 24 hours to spare. It’s not perfect, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Christmas morning, we […]

Packing Healthy Lunches

When I was growing up, lunch was ALWAYS a sandwich (usually PB & J), a piece of fruit, and a cookie, with a quarter thrown in so I could buy milk in the cafeteria. There’s nothing wrong with a lunch like that, but it can get a little repetitive, […]

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