Swiss Chard, Portobello, and Swiss Cheese Sandwiches


It’s FALL! Last week started with 100+ degree temperatures and ended in the 70s.  Running has been significantly more enjoyable, and the sky has been pretty, too. Ellie has a new obsession: refrigerator letters.  I don’t even know how many hours she’s spent moving them from the freezer door […]

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies


This weekend was intense. And in tents. (Sorry, I had to) Three teachers and a bunch of parents took about 35 sixth graders camping at Mt. Lassen and it was exhausting but so much fun.  I hadn’t camped since 2008 so it was really nice to sleep outside again […]

Easy Dinner

Ugh. We are officially into that time of year that I can’t possibly have dinner made while it’s still light out. I didn’t meal plan this week because I never really found the motivation.  Instead I just stocked up on produce and decided to wing it with what was […]

CIM Week1 and an important celebration

First and foremost, Ellie’s first birthday party was on Saturday! I reserved a picnic area at a nearby park, Mike stocked up on chips and dips at Trader Joes, and I made a chocolate cake.  There was no theme and no fancy decor. But there were great friends, beautiful weather, […]

Happy Birthday, Eleanor

In 365 days, my baby girl went from this to this. An exuberant little person who has found her voice (and loves to use it, particularly on airplanes and at the grocery store) who loves fruit more than any other food, who thinks that unloading the dishwasher is pretty much […]

Goodbye Summer

There are a ton of good places to spend Labor Day weekend, but we said an unofficial goodbye to summer with Mike’s family in San Luis Obispo. It’s hard to come up with just one favorite thing about SLO (a big piece of my heart is there after living there […]

How to Have an Awesome Summer Vacation In and Around Portland

This was undoubtedly the best trip to Oregon I’ve ever had.  It really helps to have more than just a day or two, and to have a checklist of things we wanted to do so we didn’t end up going to the same three places we always go. If you […]

Astoria, Oregon

When we decided to go to Oregon for our first vacation in years, Mike was pretty adamant that we had to go to Astoria. More specifically, we had to go to the Goondocks. I didn’t see The Goonies until I was 23, but it was a staple movie in […]

SFRRC Catch The Roadrunner 5K – 20:52

A couple weeks ago, I won an entry to this race from my friend Renee. Then my craptastic San Francisco Half happened, and of course I immediately thought my fast days were behind me and I was doomed to never PR again.  I took the week pretty easy, doing […]

Simple Soba Salad


This has been a completely exhausting weekend.  Moving across the bay area, unpacking and organizing while caring for a 10-month-old with a 104 degree fever, and temperatures in the high 90s (with no A/C at the moment) really took it out of me.  We made the necessary Target/Ikea/BB&B trips, […]

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