State of the Blog

Five years ago, I started this blog with a terrible photo and a recipe for tortilla soup. I was relatively newly married, student teaching, doing the occasional triathlon, and still living in the town where I went to college. Now, we’re almost to our sixth wedding anniversary, we’re parents, I’ve been […]

Family Vacation without leaving home

My sister stuck around for a week after the marathon, so we basically packed as much fun as possible into the days she was here. First up: a day in Santa Cruz! After reading her blog for 5+ years, I finally met Brianna at her family’s brewery. My favorite was […]

2 Great Salads and 2 Weekend Workouts

This was it. My last BIG training weekend before the taper for Wildflower. And it ALMOST went perfectly. On Friday after work I picked up my fancy new Rudy Project helmet, which I got an awesome deal on because they sponsor the tri club I’m in. It’s such a huge […]

A Week In (and around) Atlanta

We just got back from a week in Atlanta (with a night in Asheville, NC), and it was amazing.  I’d never been anywhere in the South and was honestly SHOCKED by how friendly and polite everyone was.  California, take a lesson. The whole week we were gone, I ran […]

Way too Cool 50K: a recap from the sidelines

Having friends on the sidelines at CIM made the race a million times better, so when a bunch of my best running pals got into the Way Too Cool 5OK this year, I was excited to make the trek up to Cool, CA (yep, that’s really the name of the […]

6 Easy Vegetarian Dinners for Busy Days

None of these are really recipes worthy of their own post, but I always find it helpful to have some ideas for quick meals.  These are quick if you’re prepared: I’ve included what I have ready in advance, because prepping a bunch of beans, grains, and vegetables on Sunday really […]

Tri Training, Teaching, and Being a Mom

I was hesitant to sign up for the Long Course at Wildflower because I knew it would mean a big chunk of time each week out training.  And it is. I’ll be building to about 12 hours a week over the next two months.  But triathlon training is going really […]

Spreadsheets are fun: our food budget

One of the things we’ve had to get real about since having Ellie is our food. I wish I were more of a budget person because I’d love to know where the heck all the money was going before we had to pay for daycare, because MAN it is expensive. […]

CIM Training: Week 8

Hideous picture to go with an equally hideous week of running. I was on top of the freaking world after my 57 mile week/200 mile month.  It was awesome.  And then I got sick. I actually only missed 3 days of running, but one of them was a long […]

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

I really, really appreciate weekends, and this last one was the best one we’ve had in a while. Dinner with good friends on Friday, a beautiful run in Alameda on Saturday… followed by beer on a patio in Hayes Valley with my favorite college roommate. A new half marathon […]

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