This is one of those recipes that the cookbook falls open to, that I’ve made so many times I’ve stopped measuring everything and just go by feel, and that I probably don’t go a week with out making.   The flavor is spicy, salty, sweet, and sour all at […]

A twist on Tom Ka Gai

I wanted to make a version of tom ka gai (Thai chicken and coconut soup with lime) that was vegetarian and included noodles.  I used some things I found in my pantry and put together this soup.  The lime juice stirred in at the last minute is what makes this […]

Mike makes dinner

My husband and I differ in a lot of ways, and cooking is no exception. He loves the basics, whereas I always want to make old recipes more modern and healthy. I will read a recipe and think “I can definitely use tofu instead of mayo” or “white flour? […]

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