Bangkok diaspora

Saturday was my day off, so we decided to go up to Chatuchak weekend market. We grazed our way around the market for awhile, until a huge thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere (it’s the season for that now), which cut our visit a little short. We were there long enough […]

Papaya salad: The next edition

I never realized that there were multiple versions of papaya salad. I was completely content with the standard version – shredded papaya, tomato, green beans, chiles, peanuts, dried shrimp, lime juice, sugar… and then we went to a little restaurant around the corner from our apartment in Bangkok and something […]

Leaving Thailand

The sad day finally came…our visas were just about to expire. We left Bang Saphan Yai on an early morning bus. For the first two hours, they were playing Thai pop karaoke DVDs, which were highly entertaining (as was watching the little boy sitting across the aisle sing along!) Halfway […]

Grapow and other edible delights

The other day I was just finishing my lunch when a plate of chicken and basil atop a bed of rice was carried by. “What’s that?” I asked excitedly in Thai, because it looked so delicious. I wrote down the name so I could order it as soon as I […]


When Mike and I decided we were not going to stay in Chaing Mai (which was a very difficult decision), we decided that before settling anywhere else, we needed some quality beach time. On our previous visit to Thailand we spent some time at a big fancy resort on the […]

The Perfect Thai Iced Coffee

I pretty much stick to four main food groups here in Thailand: Iced Coffee, Fruit, Noodles, and Food On A Stick. Every day, I eat something from each group. I’ve made it my personal mission to find the best in each of these groups, and today I’m going to show […]

Thai Cooking Class: Part 2

Of course the best part of the cooking class was the actual cooking! It was kind of a challenge to get good pictures because it was a little dark in the kitchen…but here are the highlights! We started off with Tom Yam – the popular and delicious hot and sour […]

Cooking Schools In Chiang Mai

Taking a cooking class is an incredibly popular activity in Chiang Mai.  Every tourist office (where you can book tickets, excursions, classes, etc) has advertisements for cooking schools, and there are probably 20 cooking schools in town.   If you’re looking for a great class, skip the tourist offices […]

Thai Cooking Class: Part 1

When you travel, the world seems to get a lot smaller. It’s amazing how common it is to bump into acquaintances or friends of friends, even in far-flung locales thousands of miles from home. It turned out that a friend of a friend from college was going to Thailand […]

Beverage Love

Thais are serious about beverages (and with good reason – it is so hot that if you’re not drinking all day long, you’ll end up severely dehydrated). Along the main street in our neighborhood there are at least a dozen little stands that make coffee, tea, and other delightful […]

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