Thai-Style Omelette (Kai Jeow)

Omelettes (served with rice) are a really popular snack in Thailand. I think the method they use to prepare them is absolutely brilliant, and now I may never make omelets any other way! It’s not terribly healthy, because you’re essentially deep-frying the egg, but it’s a good snack every […]

Pad See Ew

The couple we stayed with in Edinburgh was kind enough to let me cook them dinner. After 3 months with no kitchen I was dying to cook again, and it seemed fitting to make them Thai food. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to find all the […]

Red Curry Shrimp

These are incredibly simple appetizers that look fancy, but don’t take much effort.  I used Thai Kitchen brand curry paste, and it made them really spicy, so if you don’t have a high tolerance for hot food, cut back on that a little bit! (My husband and I didn’t think […]

Fish in Green Curry Sauce

My mother instilled an envioronmental conscience in me when I was very young and it really effects the way I buy groceries.  For a few weeks, my grocery store only carried oranges from Australia, which is ridiculous because I know for a fact there are oranges growing all over […]

Bean Thread Salad

I found a huge package of bean threads for ridiculously cheap at a market in San Francisco, and knew there would be many of these salads in my future.  Tonight I found everything I needed to create this recipe already in my refrigerator, so this was easy to throw together. […]

Thai Red Curry with Shrimp and Kabocha Squash

Squash is such a perfect Fall food.  I LOVE butternut and acorn squash, and figured if I like those, I should branch out and explore other squash varieties.  I’ve been seeing some recipes with kabocha squash floating around various blogs for awhile, but decided to turn to a great cookbook […]

Divine Rice with Prawns

How can you not want to try a recipe for something called “Divine Rice”? With leftover rice and already-cooked prawns, this dish comes together almost instantly (okay, actually it takes about ten minutes).  It’s simple and tasty, and if you like fish sauce, you’ll love it.  I used brown […]

Chile pepper fried rice

When you leave your husband alone for five days, he might order some takeout Chinese food.  So you may come home to a little takeout container of cooked rice, sitting in the fridge.  Really, the only logical thing to do in this situation is to make fried rice.  Particularly this […]

A twist on Tom Ka Gai

I wanted to make a version of tom ka gai (Thai chicken and coconut soup with lime) that was vegetarian and included noodles.  I used some things I found in my pantry and put together this soup.  The lime juice stirred in at the last minute is what makes this […]

Simple Thai cabbage stir fry

I had an entire head of cabbage in the fridge and wanted to try out a new recipe for stir-frying it.  I was making a Thai soup for dinner, so I turned to my favorite Thai cookbook for ideas.  This one is quick, simple, and complements a wide variety […]

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