Oakland Half Marathon

Short version: 1:46:28; almost no hip pain! My running friends are the best. Long version: For the past 3 weeks, my nagging hip pain meant I was kind of thinking this race wouldn’t happen. Or it would happen but it would involve lots of walking. When the weather on Saturday […]

Lake Chabot 30K

For 20 glorious hours, I thought I had won this race. I finished, they gave me an age-group medal, and then I consulted the results board and realized I’d won the whole thing, so they gave me a bigger medal and a water bottle! Keepin’ it classy with the plastic […]

Running After Baby: I’m Faster Now!?!

I need to apologize in advance for three things: 1. I’m recycling photos. 2. It’s REALLY hard to write this without sounding like I’m bragging. That’s not my intention at all, and even though I’ve gotten fastER, it’s not like I’m anywhere near elite status. I’ve just set some new […]

Kaiser Half Marathon (PR!)

OK, now I’m completely convinced these compression socks really are┬ámagic. ┬áMy third time wearing them and getting a PR! After my 10K PR a couple weeks ago, I entered that time into the McMillan Pace Calculator to see what time I should be shooting for in the half marathon. […]

Waterfront 5K (PR!)

Yep, wore the magic socks again…now I’m 2 for 2 getting PRs while wearing them! I tweeted before this race that I wanted to run under 21. I figured putting it out there would be extra motivating, because I would hate to have to then tell the 18 people […]

Golden Gate Park 10K (PR!)

I ran in compression socks today. I kind of felt like I looked ridiculous (and I am sure that if my sister had seen me this morning she would have said something along the lines of “oh God, Cate, no. Just no.”), but I PRd, so looks really didn’t […]

New Years Eve Dash 5K

Lessons learned from this race: 1. It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve looked at the course map in case the course is poorly marked 2. My friends are really fast 2. Having a kiddie pool full of ice and alcohol at the end of a race is […]

2011: In Review (Running)

This was a year with one REALLY big change. Eleanor Jane Melton made her debut in September! Since then, I’ve become extremely proficient in running with the jogging stroller and prepping meals quickly with her in the Ergo. Although I didn’t set any new PRs this year, I still had […]

Arts and Sciences 5K

This was a GREAT race for me for a couple reasons. 1) I decided to run without a Garmin. I love my Garmin, but usually I tend to fixate too much on the time and stress myself out. Sometime late last week, I decided I’d rather try and run […]

Trail Race Weekend

Mike and I both had trail races this weekend, and both were a TON of fun. On Saturday, Mike ran the Pacific Coast Trail Runs 17km race at Huddart County Park in Woodside. As you can see in the above photo, Ellie was thrilled. There was a LONG line […]

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