2013 San Francisco Marathon

Basically, my sister’s idea to run a marathon with our dad on Fathers Day was the best ever. It sort of didn’t feel like the best idea ever when the alarm went off at 3:45 (I slept horribly the night before the race) or while we were standing in the […]

20 miles, the best way possible

I used to dread 20 mile runs.  Once I got going, they were fine, but I got so nervous the night before, afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish.  Or that I’d have to walk, or I’d run out of water, or get lost, or get bored by myself… Now […]

China Camp Half Marathon

This was the hardest race I’ve run in a long time.  The course was not too outrageously challenging on its own: 1800ish ft of elevation gain (concentrated in two big hills at mile 2 and mile 8) and some marginally technical rocky parts; but my dead legs made it […]

Mothers Day 5K and some other workouts I’ve loved lately

As soon as I decided to run the San Francisco Marathon, I knew I’d have to be smart about getting in a few long runs without overdoing it.  I’m super prone to IT band flare-ups any time I increase my running volume too fast, and I am determined to […]

Walt Stack 10K (PR!)

A 70 mile bike ride is probably not the best way to spend the day before a 10K race, but it obviously worked out OK, because I beat my previous PR by 18 seconds! Saturday morning, I went to a group ride planning on riding about 52 miles.  When we […]

Chabot Half Marathon Race Report

This race was such a great one.  I ran the 30K last year, but since I have no real interest in running anything longer than 13 right now, I signed up for the half marathon. At the last minute, I decided to run without a Garmin, and I think […]

On Training

I ran my first marathon severely undertrained.  I was still in college, and I really wanted to call myself a marathoner.  I didn’t, however, want to stop going to the bars on Saturday nights (okay, and several other nights) and I also didn’t particularly enjoy heading out for 2+ hours […]

2012 Recap and 2013 Goals

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I wrote this sentence in my goals for 2012: I am going to run a sub-20 5K or die trying. Well, I didn’t do either of those things this year, but the year was not a total loss. I ran two marathons […]

California International Marathon 2012

subtitle: maybe someday I’ll learn not to start too fast. It’s now quite comical to me that I signed up for this race right after Big Sur (which at the time was the hardest race of my life) to smash my PR. The running gods TOTALLY had something else in […]

CIM: Goals for marathon #8

I’ll be running my eighth marathon in 3 days, and I kind of have some goals. Waaaay back when I finished Big Sur (aka the hardest marathon I’ve ever done) I decided my goal for my next marathon was to beat that time by 20 minutes, which would be a […]

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