Spinach-Artichoke Pizza

It’s Thursday already?! I meant to post yesterday but I’ve been in Wisdom tooth Hell. I had an appointment to get one removed next week (my Spring Break) but yesterday it started hurting my lower jaw like crazy so I called and got my appointment moved to tomorrow, which […]

Chard, Potato, and Taleggio Pizza


This weekend didn’t go as it was supposed to. ¬†Saturday morning was supposed to be a long run with friends, but there’s been no running for me lately. ¬† I have now taken 8 days off but my hip doesn’t feel much better. ¬† Am I freaking out about […]

Purple Potato and Goat Cheese Pizza


This was a really good weekend, and it started off with a really good pizza. My favorite thing about having 60+ food blogs in Google reader is that I can find inspiration for just about anything. And since I’m pretty much always in the market for new pizza ideas, […]

Fontina and Portabello Pizza


I can’t say what exactly made this week so stressful, but I was TOTALLY ready for a beer and Pizza Friday when it finally rolled around. Fortunately, this three day weekend is already going pretty well, so I’m sure by Tuesday I’ll be out of my funk. I just […]

Rainbow Chard Pizza


I went back to Bikram yesterday for the first time in a week and WOW it was an awesome class. I have only been to four classes now, but I feel like I already feel so much more flexible than I was two weeks ago. I’m also making progress […]

Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizzas

Someone is now two months old! She’s become very contemplative in her old age. It seemed only fitting to celebrate with pizza, since we had it the night she was born. I got a copy of Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Dayat Foodbuzz, and I’m smitten […]

Broccoli Cheddar Pizza

This weekend included some pretty great things. Pizza (obviously). Lots of time with this guy. And this girl (even if she was asleep for a lot of it). Yogurt! We don’t have a decent yogurt place in our town, which is fantastic and terrible at the same time. Breakfast…made […]

Kale and Butternut Squash Pizza


This weekend started, as it should, with Pizza Friday! I’ve been slacking a little bit lately, but this week it was back in action with a new recipe (instead of just cheese and red sauce for the millionth time). I’m SO happy squash is back in season! Roasting it […]

White Pizza

I took a couple weeks off from pizza Friday. I don’t know if it was because I was just feeling lazy or if I had too many other things that I wanted to make, but this was the perfect recipe to bring it back. I’ve made a change to […]

Potato and Zucchini Pizza

The homemade pizza Friday tradition has been going strong since we moved up here, and I don’t see it dying any time soon. There are just far too many possibilities! This idea came from Jamie Oliver, whom I completely adore. In fact, one of the ways I knew Mike […]

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