Baklava Muffins

Growing up with parents who both had a pretty major sweet tooth, I got dessert for breakfast more than a lot of other kids I knew. Leftover pumpkin pie? Perfectly acceptable post-Thanksgiving breakfast. Beginning of strawberry season? Breakfast made the most of fresh berries with strawberry shortcake. These muffins […]

Corn bread muffins

My husband loves it when I make very simple dinners. That’s great, but sometimes I really WANT to spend 6 hours in the kitchen preparing an elaborate feast. We compromise by having more traditional basics on the week days and more intricately-crafted dinners on weekends (when I’m not too exhausted […]

Banana Nut Muffins

Three bananas sat on the kitchen counter for far too long.  Actually I bought an extra large bunch on purpose so I would be “forced” to make banana bread.  But as I started to peel them, I realized I didn’t want to make banana bread again (I mean there’s nothing […]

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