Mjaddrah (Lentils with Carmelized Onions)

My interest in Lebanese food began when I was just learning how to cook, around age 12. My best friend’s mom was from Lebanon and I can remember the food she made as being unlike anything I’d ever tasted, but so much better than what I was used to. […]

Pita bread

Our new place is right around the corner from a small grocery/liquor store that sells some of the best pita I’ve ever had. When I was planning a big Middle Eastern dinner for family, I just counted on picking up a few packages of bread, knowing I’d be pretty […]

Stuffed Acorn Squash

I grew up eating a LOT of acorn squash. My mom grew it in the backyard (if I remember correctly, Mom, is that true?) and we kept a box of squash in the basement through the winter, eating it at least once a week. The past few years I […]

Zaalouk (Eggplant-Tomato Dip)

We were having friends over for dinner, and after planning the menu, I remembered that one of the guests HATES eggplant. I had already bought everything I needed to make this, so I whipped up a batch of hummus to serve along with it, so she would have something […]

Syrian Lamb Pizza

One of my favorite ways to figure out what to have for dinner when I’m doing my weekly meal planning is to peruse my cookbook shelf and pull out a couple cookbooks I haven’t used in a few months.  Tonight, I happened upon this recipe from “The Essential Mediterranean” […]

Crispy Za'atar Flatbread

I’ve been putting za’atar on just about everything recently.  I really wanted to make some flatbread with it on top, but it got late and I didn’t want to wait around for the dough to rise.  I remembered a recipe for Crisp Rosemary Flatbread I saw on Smitten Kitchen a […]

Turkish coffee

I remember when I first tried Turkish coffee in a Lebanese restaurant in Portland.  I loved how strong it was, and the cardamom flavor was new, different, and delicious.  A few months ago my husband got really into making Turkish coffee at home.  He found the ground coffee with […]

Cucumber Yogurt Salad

I got this recipe from my dear friend and neighbor, Brigitte.  She always has really good Middle Eastern recipes, and this is no exception.  A delightful and refreshing side, it is perfect with a multitude of main dish options.   1 large garlic clove crushed in 1 tsp salt about […]

Loubiye (Lebanese String Bean and Lamb Stew)

This is a simple and comforting stew that is great over steamed rice, and really easy to make.  It makes quite a bit, so plan on feeding about 6 people, or having great leftovers. (Adapted from “Alice’s Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking” by Linda Dalal Sawaya) 1 1/2 lb green […]

Humble Hummus

A simple bowl of hummus with some assorted crudites for dipping may not be the flashiest appetizer around, but it is so simple and satisfying.  Underneath the lemon zest and cilantro garnish, this hummus has just the right balance of flavors and a nice smooth texture.  Play around with […]

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