Exploring Seoul: Tteokbokki Town

I love the social, hands-on aspect of going out to eat here. In addition to Korean Barbecue, there’s a lesser-known (outside of Korea) dish called Tteokbokki, which I’ve heard described as the Korean equivalent of macaroni and cheese because it’s simple comfort food. We decided to go to Seoul’s “tteokbokki […]

Exploring Seoul: Insa-dong

Insa-dong is a designated cultural district that is supposed to look like a traditional Korean marketplace. As a result, it’s pretty touristy, but fun to see.   It’s a great place to sample a bunch of different traditional foods, because there are snack vendors like this all along the main street. […]


We said goodbye to California and arrived at our new home in Seoul around midnight the next day. Because it was so dark, we didn’t realize we have this awesome view right our front door until the next morning. I had heard that apartments in Seoul were incredibly tiny, and […]

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