3 Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream


One week to go.  Still totally excited. I went to my usual Saturday morning group ride this morning and chatted with a guy who did the long course at Wildflower last year.  I asked (like I ask everyone who has done that race) how bad Nasty Grade is.  Like […]

Bananas Foster Ice Cream

Bananas Foster always seemed like a good idea, but the first time I had it I was seriously underwhelmed. I think it was a texture issue, because really, how can anything cooked in sugar and alcohol be bad? But for some reason cooked bananas kind of gross me out. […]

vegan Pistachio Ice Cream

I know there is a whole lot of controversy surrounding soy. Is it all genetically modified? Will it make your body totally confused because of the estrogen? I don’t have the answers to those questions, but like anything else, it’s probably best not to eat it constantly. However, whether […]

Caribbean Coffee Ice Cream

This is vegan ice cream that will completely change your opinion of vegan ice cream. Or at least, it did for me. For years I thought the “cream” part of ice cream had to be heavy whipping cream or else it just wasn’t worth eating (okay, I did go […]

Blueberries and Cream Ice Cream

I wanted to bring back a little bit of summer by making blueberry ice cream. I picked up a bag of frozen blueberries at the store decided to try coming up with a recipe on my own. I’m calling it blueberries and cream because you definitely taste the sweet […]

Maple Bacon Ice Cream

When I first saw candied bacon ice cream, I knew I had to try it. However, reading over the recipe, it seemed like it was missing something. Like maple flavor! I always love it when I have pancakes and bacon on the same plat, and the bacon gets coated […]

Mexican Chocolate Sherbert

I wasn’t sure if it was sherbert or sherbet – google told me both were acceptable.  In any case, I have been thinking about making this dessert for awhile.  It only has TWO ingredients, so there is no excuse not to whip up a batch right now.  It’s creamy, chocolatey, […]

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake

I am a huge fan of homemade baked goods, and I try to stay away from packaged foods with artificial ingredients.  But there is just something about Oreos I can’t say no to.   Ever since I was young and my sister and I used to peel them apart and […]

Baklava Ice Cream

My husband loves baklava, and I wanted to make ice cream this weekend, so he came up with the brilliant idea of baklava ice cream.   I started with a honey-cinnamon ice cream, and folded in walnuts, pistachios, and some baked phyllo sheets.   Recipe: 2 cups heavy cream […]

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