Pretzel-M&M Blondies

My sister is in town for the whole week, which means she’s baking all sorts of good stuff, doing our dishes, and advising us on interior decoration because we’ve been in this house for over 3 weeks and have yet to hang a single picture on our walls. I […]

Soft frosted sugar cookies

I did not have healthy habits in college. I ate too many Lean Cuisines. I spent way too much money on expensive jeans. I really enjoyed the bars, even on school nights. I watched WAY too much reality TV. Somehow in there I managed to train for and finish […]

Brownie Cookies

I feel like my whole life revolves around count-downs right now. 9 days of work left. 3 months and 6 days until my baby is due. One month and 6 days until we need to be out of our apartment (and no, we don’t have another place lined up […]

Crispy/Chewy Lemon Cookies

There are 14 days of school until summer break. 3 of those are half days. And although it feels like it was just yesterday I was accepting the offer for this job, these last few weeks are draaaaaaggging. I have really mixed emotions about summer (which for me is […]

Soft Chocolate Peanut Butter-Chip Cookies

I definitely didn’t realize how long it would take to recover from the Boston marathon, flying across the country, and going right back to work. I have been EXHAUSTED this week. But not too exhausted to make cookies. Mike’s coworker had a birthday, and I wanted to make cookies but […]

Coffee Cardamom Brownies

If you like Turkish coffee and you like brownies, you will love these. If you like brownies but you’ve never had Turkish coffee, give them a try! Cardamom and coffee both complement chocolate extremely well. I’ve fallen completely in love with the Gourmet cookbook my sister gave me for […]

Homemade Samoas

We’re right in the middle of Girl Scout cookie time, which is normally one of my favorite times of year becuase honestly, even though they’re horrible for you, those cookies are pretty addictive. But now that I know how disastrous palm oil (which is used heavily in Girl Scout […]

Peanut Butter – Chocolate Whoopie Pies

I’ve already made peanut butter chocolate whoopie pies, but those were chocolate with peanut butter frosting. This time, thanks to the Whoopie Pie book I got for Christmas, it was time to try those flavors the other way around. I think my one major mistake was using natural, unsweetened […]

Almond Biscotti


I was shocked that this was one of the first cookies to disappear when I brought a plate of about 5 different kinds to work. I mean, yeah, it’s good, but I would never choose a non-chocolate cookie first! I guess diversity in cookie preferences is good. For some […]

Mocha Crinkles


As I was putting together my holiday cookie tin I realized there was a severe problem. Not enough chocolate. And then I realized there was another severe problem. I was already out of butter. Fortunately there are a few cookies you you can make without butter, and this is […]

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