Wheat-Free Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Saturday was supposed to be a fun ride with two friends, followed by my first brick of this training cycle, followed by a fun day with Mike and Ellie.  Instead, I got sick.  It could have been MUCH worse, but the achiness, upset stomach, and horrible headache kept me […]

Double Chocolate Cookies


It’s been way too long since I’ve posted a recipe, so here are some cookies. Thanks for your great comments on the food budget post.  We ended up going a little crazy at the farmers market this weekend… but I have lots of great plans for everything, including this […]

Espresso Macarons with Vanilla Bean filling


On Saturday morning, I went to a local tri club’s group bike ride.  I was really intimidated and almost decided not to go.  I showed up and felt like a total joke on my little 10 year old aluminum frame road bike with rusty screws and a squeaky chain […]

Cranberry Bliss Bars


I made a promise to myself I’d take this entire week off running. I woke up this morning and wanted nothing more than to go for a run, but since I’m about to start half Ironman training, I’m sticking with my original plan.  I know my legs will appreciate […]

Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies


Operation No Social Media was almost a success.  I peeked at twitter on Saturday, but other than that I did pretty well (and I honestly didn’t miss it that much). Last week included the 8th grade trip to Six Flags in Vallejo, which was a ton of fun.  All day […]

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

banana oat

Before we left for Monterey on Saturday morning, I had to bake some cookies. Usually eating a bunch of cookies the day before a marathon probably isn’t the best course of action, but that’s kind of what ended up happening. They were pretty nice to have when we ended […]

Cookies and Cream Cookies


I will never, EVER put one of those ridiculous headbands with the giant flowers on Ellie’s head. I know some people love them because they leave absolutely no doubt that their baby is a girl, but I just can’t stand them. That doesn’t mean I won’t put Ellie in […]

Oatmeal Raisin Whoopie Pies

oatmeal 1

Ellie’s rapidly closing in on five months old and there have been some big changes! We quit swaddling her cold turkey and so far things are going great. We also got the OK from her pediatrician to introduce solid food, and we decided to start with bananas. After a […]

Oreo Rice Krispie Treats


I was completely exhausted all day today, but 8th period pretty much turned everything around. There’s a kid who is, to put it lightly, a challenge. The other day his behavior was a lot better than normal, so the next day I left a post-it on his desk telling […]

Meyer Lemon Sugar Cookies


I had a slightly traumatic experience Friday morning. I went to scan something and my computer told me I needed to restart to install updates. I usually just click “restart later” but for some reason, I clicked “restart now,” and was then met with this screen. Frozen just like […]

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