Chabot Half Marathon Race Report


This race was such a great one.  I ran the 30K last year, but since I have no real interest in running anything longer than 13 right now, I signed up for the half marathon.

At the last minute, I decided to run without a Garmin, and I think it ended up being a great decision.  I pushed myself hard the whole time, without getting caught up in what my pace was or how much more distance I had to cover.

It was an absolutely perfect day for running, and a little bit warmer than last year.  The first couple miles wind around the lake on a paved path.  It always takes me a few miles to warm up, and this race was no exception.  I felt pretty crappy for the first half hour.  Tight legs, upset stomach, head not in the game.

But as soon as we switched to the dirt trail and started climbing, I felt a lot better.  I could see a few women in front of me, but couldn’t tell whether they were running the 30K or the half (they stay together for 6 or 7 miles).  I sort of tried to keep up, but without killing myself.  We reached the first aid station and I skipped it because I felt great and still had plenty of water in my handheld.

This year I was totally prepared for the shooting range, so I didn’t freak out at all when I hear gunshots.  I did try to get through that section as fast as possible, though!

At one point I ended up running near a guy with a dog.  He asked if I knew how much we had left, and I happily told him I had no idea.  I assumed we were probably around the 8 or 9 mile mark, but couldn’t be sure.  A few more ups and downs, and before I knew it, I was approaching the second aid station.  I figured there couldn’t be more than 3 miles to go so again, I just ran through.


Eventually the trail turned back into asphalt and I thought there would only be a mile or so left, until I saw a sign that said “marina, 2.8 miles.” Damn.

The last 2.8 miles were rolling hills that were sort of crowded with families out for a walk (how DARE they enjoy time outdoors when I paid at least $30 to shuffle my way through a half marathon?!), and I kept passing and getting passed by the guy in the red (who you can see over my shoulder in the picture above).

I was pushing it pretty hard for the last mile, but was shocked when I came around the corner to see the clock read 1:48.  Based on the elevation chart and how little I’ve been running this month, I told Mike I was sure it would take me about 2 hours.


1:48:22 (8:16 min/mile)
2nd female
8th/71 overall

I cannot wait to sign up for more trail races!


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