CIM: Goals for marathon #8

I’ll be running my eighth marathon in 3 days, and I kind of have some goals. Waaaay back when I finished Big Sur (aka the hardest marathon I’ve ever done) I decided my goal for my next marathon was to beat that time by 20 minutes, which would be a 3:29.  As I trained over the last 12 weeks, I kept stalking the McMillan pace calculator.

After my half PR, it said I could do a 3:27:51.  After my unofficial 10K PR, it said I could do 3:26:26.  But then there was this:

Crap.  If the wind is blowing from SSW, and the course runs from Northeast to Southwest (I think…I’m not too great with the meteorology stuff), that means it’s going to be a pretty nasty headwind.  Just like Big Sur.

So I’m going to stand by my goal of 3:29 as my number one goal but I’ll be pretty happy with a PR (under 3:32), or, if the wind really sucks like it looks like it’s going to… I just want to beat my Big Sur time.  Because although it hasn’t been perfect, it’s still been a pretty good training cycle, with some awesome track workouts (and one HORRIBLE one. But I’m choosing to ignore that one).

Most importantly, a bunch of my friends will be there, both running and cheering, and I can’t wait to see them all.  I have been so lucky to find this amazing group, so even if the race goes to crap, at least I won’t be alone out there!



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