CIM Training: Week 4

This week was pretty much perfect as far as training goes.

I made these muffins on Saturday and ate 2 as fuel before my long run Sunday morning, and it was the best long run I’ve gone on in WEEKS! The recipe came from Dorie Greenspan, the baker genius.

Mon – 6 miles

Tues – 1800 meter swim.  I was hoping for at least 2000 but got a HORRIBLE headache at about 1500 and just didn’t last much longer.  Main set was 8 x 100 and man was it sloooow. Also did tons of drills.

Weds – 11.2 miles. Planned on 10, but my Garmin was dead so I headed out and mapped it when I got home

Thurs -AM: 6 miles (treadmill); PM: 4 miles (with the stroller)

Fri – Rest, glorious rest

Sat – 5 miles VERY easy (9:18 min/mile)

Sun – 17 miles (8:30 min/mile; last 2 miles were 7:36 and 7:42).  Started out with 5 miles with my dad, then ran by home to drop him off and pick up Mike, who ran the last 12 with me.  I felt great the entire run, which seems like it never happens!

TOTAL: 49 miles



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