CIM Training: Week 3

I knew this week wouldn’t go as written, and I’m okay with that.  And since the majority of my runs were spent staring at the news at the gym, I’ll just include another picture from the camping trip.

So ridiculously beautiful.  I want to go back now.

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 8 (treadmill. blah.)

Wednesday: 5 miles (treadmill) in the morning, 4 miles (with the stroller) in the evening

Thursday: planned on cross training but was absolutely exhausted and it just didn’t happen, so more REST

Friday: 8.5 (treadmill) in the morning, and 4.5 (with the stroller) in the evening.

Saturday and Sunday: no running. A little bit of hiking, but that doesn’t count.

Measly mileage: 30

Speedwork: ZERO.

Time to get back to quality workouts!

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