When Family Visits

My parents and sister are here right now, which means there hasn’t been much time for cooking and blogging.  There has, however, been time for a fantastic 20 mile run (my last long run before the Big Sur Marathon, which is in 12 days!)

I ran 5 miles with Mike, then 15 with my dad and sister.  I adored this run for a couple reasons.  First, the weather (as you can see) was perfect.  60 degrees and sunny!  The scenery was amazing, too.  We ran along the ocean, the Lands End Trail, and did a little out and back in Golden Gate Park.  And I think the most important thing was that I started really slow.

Normally I just want to get my long run over with so I start pushing the pace early and my legs are dead by mile 12 or 13, leaving me with over an hour of dead legs and progressively slower miles.  This time, I started out at about 9:30 pace and gradually sped up from there, so that I was actually able to throw in a few 8 minute miles at the end.  I honestly felt like I could have kept going, which has never happened at the end of a 20-miler before!

I know I’m not anywhere near PR shape (last week was peak week and I barely hit 40 miles) but I’m just excited that I’ll probably be able to finish around 4 hours (hopefully slightly faster!)

After the run we finally made it to Magnolia in the Haight.  Mike and I had heard good things about their beer and we weren’t disappointed.

I had a pint of their Cole Porter and a massive pile of fries.  Ellie just wanted to look at the ceiling the whole time.

And today, I’m making this cake (but with regular caramel, not salted) because my little sister is turning 25!


Happy Birthday, Emily!

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