Kaiser Half Marathon (PR!)

OK, now I’m completely convinced these compression socks really are┬ámagic. ┬áMy third time wearing them and getting a PR!

After my 10K PR a couple weeks ago, I entered that time into the McMillan Pace Calculator to see what time I should be shooting for in the half marathon. It said I could do a 1:39:01. Since my PR at that point was 1:42:30, I really hoped it was right.

Even though I’m faster now than I was before Ellie was born, I wasn’t sure about my endurance. I’ve only done a few double digit runs, and they were all pretty slow.

Although I did end up with a time I’m super happy with, I definitely need to work on my pacing strategy for my next half (March 25 in Oakland). Here’s a little run-down mile by mile

Mile 1 – 7:21 – Uhh, how should I pace myself here? I don’t know how fast I should be going. Is this okay or should I speed up?

Mile 2 – 7:06 – Yeahhh, that was definitely too fast

Mile 3 – 7:40 – OK running around the panhandle is borrrring. Can we go back to the park, please?

Mile 4 – 7:23 – I think this is a good pace. Now can I hold on to it?

Mile 5 – 7:30 – Nope, obviously I can’t

Mile 6 – 7:10 – I really appreciate this downhill mile. And I really appreciate this vanilla Gu (which I almost didn’t bring, but definitely would have crashed had I not taken it)

Mile 7 – 7:21 – I’m not thrilled about the endless out-and-back on Great Highway. Where are Mike and Ellie?

Mile 8 – 7:31 – Yay! I saw them! I’m sooo tired of running directly into the sun.

Mile 9 – 7:46 – Where is the $%^# turn-around?!

Mile 10 – 7:44 – 5K to go. I can do this.

Mile 11 – 7:42 – This feels sooooo loooongggg

Mile 12 – 7:57 – I’m ready to be done.

Mile 13 – 7:51 – I’m REALLY ready to be done. WHERE IS THE FINISH LINE!?

Aaaand then I finished in 1:39:48. A PR by almost 3 minutes! The best part of the day was celebrating with my friends – they PRd too!

I really liked this race, even the death march along the Great Highway. It was really well organized, the volunteers were great, they called splits at every mile, and the finisher shirts are long-sleeved cotton (which I love – I have way too many technical shirts and I appreciate having something new to sleep in!)

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