Waterfront 5K (PR!)

Yep, wore the magic socks again…now I’m 2 for 2 getting PRs while wearing them!

I tweeted before this race that I wanted to run under 21. I figured putting it out there would be extra motivating, because I would hate to have to then tell the 18 people that actually read what I say on twitter that I failed.

It was cold and drizzly, which to me is pretty much perfect racing weather. Mike was running the 10 mile race with Ellie in the stroller, and since they were both out and back along the Embarcadero, it would be easy for me to tack on miles at the end by running out to meet him and then finish with him.

I did an easy 1 mile warm up, took off my warmups, and said goodbye to Mike and Ellie. I kind of bounced around for a little while and then we were off! I normally hold back in the beginning, but after that HUGE confidence boost I got from my tempo run on Thursday I decided to push it from the start. I was determined not to look at my Garmin because I didn’t want to psych myself out, but I wanted to know my splits at the end.

Before I knew it, we were at the turn around and it was starting to get a little painful. Burning lungs, legs getting a little tired, and a vague sense of “I may throw up” creeping into my stomach. I usually end up repeating random words or mantras when things get tough – not stuff I plan in advance, but things that just kind of pop into my head.

For a little while, I was thinking “less than 10 minutes to go” over and over, and then when it really started to hurt, “my eyes aren’t bleeding yet – keep pushing” (the lovely imagery of running til your eyes bleed comes from super speedster Page – thanks for that, it helped!)

With a mile to go, the wind was at my back and I was running as hard as I could. I saw the finish line in the distance, but couldn’t quite see the time (and still refused to look at my watch). As I got closer I saw that I was at 20:xx and was THRILLED my goal was in reach. I gave it all the kick that I had (which by that point wasn’t much) and crossed the line at 20:54. My mile splits were 6:45, 6:54, and 6:43.

The tweet after the race pretty much says it all:

I am now 54 seconds from my 2012 goal of breaking 20!

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