Rockaway Beach 5K

I’m back! Sort of.

I wasn’t sure when I’d be ready for my “comeback race.” Ellie was born 4 weeks and 6 days ago, and my first run in about 4 months was just over 2 weeks ago. But my runs last week felt so fantastic, I decided I was ready for a 5K.

This one is not particularly friendly. It’s an out and back that goes over a huge hill (twice…obviously).

Last year I ran it in 22:31. This year I was a WHOLE lot slower.

My only goal was to finish and feel good. Mike wasn’t sure why I insisted on wearing a Garmin if I didn’t care about my pace, but of course I kind of sort of DID care about my pace. Not enough to be sad that it was really slow, but enough to be extremely curious based on the events of the past few months.

I started out feeling pretty comfortable (I was determined not to go out too fast), but the huge hill was definitely brutal. My legs felt fine the entire time but my lungs are clearly not what they used to be. I didn’t love watching everyone take off up the hill as I huffed and puffed like an overweight smoker, but I didn’t beat myself up over it.

After the initial hill, the rest of the race was fun. I glanced at my mile splits and was pretty happy to see them under 9. I finished strong, and am excited to get out and train more!

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