Halloween 4 Mile


Yesterday was Ellie’s first race, the DSE Great Highway 4 Mile (which ended up actually being 3.95 miles – hello autmatic PR!)

It was a beautiful morning to run! Mike pushed Ellie in the stroller and Courtney met up with us at the start (she’d already run 4 miles and was planning on a few more after the race.)

We all started together at the very back because we didn’t want the stroller to get in the way. Our first mile was nice and easy, just chatting and keeping the pace relaxed. We knew Alyssa was on her way, making this race part of her planned 20 miles for the day.

After the first mile, I was feeling really good so I decided to push the pace a little bit. Mike took off too, because there was one other stroller in the race and we didn’t want Ellie to get second place in her division.

Alyssa appeared right around the 2 mile mark and she was cruising at a pretty fast pace. Between trying to keep up with Mike and having Alyssa right next to me as a pacer, I was pretty surprised to see my splits MUCH faster than I was expecting!

I honestly had no idea I was capable of sub-8s right now!  I’m extra happy about it because I haven’t done any speedwork at all yet.

Ellie’s first race was definitely a success…even though she slept through the whole thing!


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