… I’ve been eating SO MUCH FRUIT!

… I’ve been craving (and baking) nostalgic desserts from my childhood, like this old fashioned chocolate cake. I called my mom and begged her to type up and email the recipe since I couldn’t find it online. Future blog post, perhaps?

…we’ve made progress on the guest room portion of the guest room/nursery (which is good because we’re having a guest — my sister — on FRIDAY!). I’m due in less than 50 days. We still have no crib. We’ll get there.

…we discovered an Indian grocery store and a Middle Eastern grocery store on the same street in the next town over! I bought a ton of ingredients I’ve been needing (asafetida, amchur, garam masala, olive oil, and more!) and could not walk out without jalebi – my favorite Indian sweet.

…Mike’s been racing, I’ve been photographing

…we’ve been able to see more than just fog! This view is pretty rare in the summer

…I’ve almost registered for this about 4 times since registration opened on Friday. The kiddo will be about 8 months old by then. I wouldn’t be going for a PR, just soaking it all up.  I haven’t registered yet but I probably will by the end of this week! I just saw that it was almost half full and signed up!  Officially registered for Marathon #7!

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