A new San Francisco Favorite!

Sometimes Mike and I talk about moving away from the Bay Area… somewhere cheaper and warmer. Then we have weeks like this and realize there’s a reason so many people live here or want to!

On Tuesday, we saw Glasvegas — a band I’ve loved since Mike bought their record 3 years ago — at the Great American Music Hall.

You know you’re old (or pregnant?) when you get really excited that the concert venue has plenty of tables and chairs. The show was great, even though I couldn’t understand a word James (the lead singer) said when he was talking to the audience because his Glaswegian accent was so thick.

We got home really late and I was completely dragging at work the next day. I guess it’s good training for having a newborn?

My sister flew in to visit on Friday night and we spent Saturday in the city looking for good food, which we found at my new favorite place in San Francisco, Pizzeria Delfina (3611 18th St)

We waited awhile but it was COMPLETELY worth it. We ended up sitting at the bar, which was awesome because you could watch them make everything and see all the ingredients.

We started with the insalata tricolore, which had ridicchio, endive, and arugula each separately tossed with lemon vinaigrette, then arranged on the plate and topped with curls of grana padano.

Next up was the pizza. We got the margherita…

which was a little lacking in basil so we asked for some extra on the side.

The broccoli raab pizza had cacciocavallo (a cheese I’m now obsessed with), black olives, and (obviously)broccoli raab.

I know it doesn’t look too impressive, but I completely fell in love with this pizza! The balance of flavors from the salty olives and slight bitterness of the raab, plus the smooth creaminess of the cheese…it was HEAVEN!

And since we were only a block away, we couldn’t resist dessert at Bi-Rite Creamery.

Mike and Emily were so excited to pose with their ice cream…. or not. It was, of course, as delicious as always (I had cherry chocolate and cookies and cream. I think cherry chocolate ice cream is going to need to go at the top of my to-make list now!)

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