St. Patricks Day Recipes

I don’t really go all out for St. Patricks day anymore… those college days of hitting the bars at 6 AM (or as soon as my final was over, since Cal Poly didn’t seem to care that their finals were interrupting a crucial drinking holiday) are LONG gone (and hopefully my liver has fully recovered). I do, however, appreciate any chance to eat a good Irish meal.

My sister and me at the Guinness Storehouse in 2007

Ireland is one of my favorite countries and Guinness is one of my favorite beers (I guess I’ll have to turn in my vegetarian card now…). Since I can’t have a Guinness this year, I’ll be celebrating with lots of good food! Here are some ideas for your St. Patricks Day menu:

Buttery mashed potatoes with kale

Boxty Pancakes
Simple potato pancakes – great with sweet toppings or a hearty stew

Irish soda bread
A classic quick bread

Guinness Stew
Thick and hearty, made with beef or tempeh. (If you’re a strict vegetarian or vegan, you’ll need to find an alternative to Guinness that’s not made with isinglass)

Guinness Chocolate Cake
Rich and delicious – a perfect St. Patricks Day dessert!

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3 comments to St. Patricks Day Recipes

  • I realized last year that I’ll never be able to celebrate St. Patrick’s day again. Before my dad died, we used to celebrate my mom’s birthday (March 17) the weekend before or after. Now we all get together on the actual day, AND the weekend before or after. Which means there’s no time to celebrate and make these awesome dishes. :-(

  • Moodles

    I thought isinglass was a rock–what makes it nonvegan?

  • Cate

    Isinglass is made from fish products (specifically their swim bladders)

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