Foodbuzz Fest 2010 (Part 1)

I had no idea what to expect on my way in to the city for the opening event at Foodbuzz Fest 2010. I had a stack of business cards in my pocket, my camera in my bag, and didn’t really know anyone, so getting off Bart and walking up to the Sir Francis Drake lobby had me a little nervous. I shouldn’t have been worried!

Once I got to the hotel I got my badge and big bag of free stuff, then ended up chatting with a couple of people who were hanging in the lobby waiting for the shuttle to the first event.

The lobby quickly filled with people…

and then it was time to board the bus to Fort Mason. Although Off The Grid was going on outside, we had our own food carts (and wine! and beer!) set up inside a huge hall.

I was a little disappointed at the limited vegetarian options, but I was so busy talking to people that food wasn’t my main focus.
Well, except for the hundreds of mini cupcakes!

I was hanging out with Emily and Amy when I noticed Heidi Swanson aka my food blog idol. (I definitely had nervous “I just spotted a celebrity but don’t want to come across as a creeper” moment) Amy urged me to go talk to her and took this photo

She is so sweet and humble and laid back…It was amazing to talk with her about San Francisco and her recipes, and I cannot wait to get my hands on her new cookbook.

I met this group in the lobby of the hotel and we ended up spending a lot of the evening together.

Veronica. Whitney, and Ashlee (who came from Tennessee with her husband Lew and they both have awesome Southern accents…I can’t lie, I’m kind of jealous).

The whole night was so much fun, but I’m already losing my voice so I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through the rest of the weekend!

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