Wedding Cupcakes!

This weekend was a blur of sugar and butter, but I pulled off the cupcake project for our friends’ wedding! If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to make and transport more than 100 cupcakes, hopefully this will be slightly helpful.

Schedule and recipes:
I had 120 cupcakes plus a 6″ cake to bake and decorate. I started on Thursday night by baking, cooling, and wrapping the layers for the cake (I made this marble cake).

To complicate matters, the wedding was a few hours away from where we live, so Friday after work we drove to my in-laws’ house. I had all my supplies, groceries, and mixer ready to go, but because of the drive, I didn’t start baking until 9:00 PM (way too late!) I was up until 1:30 baking these recipes:

1 x this recipe for lemon cupcakes
6 x this recipe for strawberry cupcakes
3 x this recipe for vanilla cupcakes

On Saturday morning, I was up at 7 to start decorating. I worked on everything in this order:
1. Make chocolate frosting and frost marble cake (frosting recipe at the bottom of this post)
2. Make and color fondant (using this recipe)
3. Cover cake and decorate it with fondant and frosting. Tightly wrap fondant for cupcake decorations.
4. Make strawberry frosting and pipe onto strawberry cupcakes (about 4x the recipe at the bottom of this post)
5. Make lemon frosting (I omitted lemon zest) and pipe onto lemon cupcakes
6. Make espresso frosting (I just made a standard buttercream with butter, powdered sugar, and milk that had instant espresso dissolved in it) and pipe onto vanilla cupcakes
7. Roll out fondant and cut out small circles (I used the base of the Wilton 1M star tip as a fondant cutter)
8. Place fondant circles on top of each cupcake

Everything was finished around noon, giving me time to run 5 miles before we had to pack everything up for the wedding! We arrived at the site at about 3:30 and it took me about 45 minutes to set up; the ceremony started at 5.

Note: I used a Wilton 1M star tip and 14″ piping bag to frost the cupcakes

Transport and setup:

I was really nervous about driving 45 minutes with a car full of cupcakes, but thanks to some internet searching, I found great advice for moving tons of frosted cupcakes. I used 2 large under-bed storage containers lined with some non-slip shelf liners I found at a dollar store. I arranged the cupcakes in the containers and decorated them while they were in there so I didn’t have to worry about messing them up as I put them in.

I had the cake on a cardboard circle, which I put on a plate and held on my lap while my husband drove.

When we got to the site, the table was ready to go. The bride had ordered a 3-level cupcake stand off Etsy, so I arranged as many cupcakes as I could on that and then divided them by flavor on the table. There were cards indicating which flavor each was.

There was also a silver cake plate for the cake and the florist provided flowers and candles for the table.

After everything was set up it was time to enjoy the wedding! It was a lot of fun, and everything was beautiful.

Cheers, Donald and Krysten!

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